Useful technologies for P&Cs

There are a variety of websites and online applications that P&Cs can use to help with their everyday operations and management.


'Doodle' is first and foremost a timetabling and scheduling website. An event creator sends a link to participants asking them to add their availability in a pre-determined timesheet/calendar. It's great for finding the most optimal committee meeting time or scheduling shifts for the sausage sizzle fundraiser.

Survey Monkey

If your P&C is looking to survey members of your community, then Survey Monkey is the website for you. Signing up is free, after which you can fully customise a survey specific to your needs. Whether it's about parental engagement and communication or finding out what foods could be included on your Canteen's menu, Survey Monkey is up to the job. Some P&Cs have even used it to get parents to nominate what times they can help at events in order to compile a roster (see an example). The collected data is provided in a highly accessible way so it's simple and quick to compile and understand.

Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive

The popularity of cloud-based storage services has increased significantly in the past couple of years. Each of these act in much the same way in that a user signs up, for free, to access a virtual drive. This drive is password protected but can also be privately shared with other users. It's an easy way to make sure all committee members have quick and easy access to your constitution, meeting agendas, minutes and so on. You can upload any file type, meaning photos and videos can be included as well. Drive users can be easily removed and added so it's an easy way to ensure that documents and information do not fall through the cracks as your committee changes.

This article appeared in ParentACTion, Term 2, 2015. See other past editions of our quarterly magazine.