After your AGM

The AGM is over and you find yourself on the P&C executive committee. So, now what? Here's a checklist to get you started.

Finding yourself the new P&C president, secretary or treasurer can be daunting. There are a few official tasks to take care of as soon as possible, and lots of resources to help you with your new role.

Ask your predecessor for a good handover.  Hopefully, the out-going committee members will have a set of notes to help you with the role (if not, you might like to develop some during the year - you can base them on our templates if you wish). You should make sure you have: a copy of the association's constitution, previous meeting minutes, financial records, and details such as the association's ABN, incorporation number, bank account details, contact for the auditor and any passwords (for accessing P&C email, website, the school photocopier for example).

Submit the Annual Return to the Office of Regulatory Services (ORS). As an incorporated association, the P&C has certain reporting obligations to the ACT Government (through ORS). Each year, an Annual Return must be completed, detailing the new committee elected at the AGM along with a financial summary from the previous year, as passed at your AGM.

Let Council know who your new committee is using our Office Bearer's Form. This is so we can contact you - our members - to support you during the year.

Tell your school community who your new P&C officers are and how to contact you, perhaps through an article in the school newsletter.

Arrange for new officers to be signatories on the P&C's bank accounts. You will need to go into your bank to do this, taking a copy of the minutes of the AGM where the new officers are named. There are details in Section 6 of the Treasurer's Handbook.

Start running the P&C! Arrange your first general meeting, share contact details with each other, plan your activities for the year.

 Attend our free workshops or check out our huge range of online resources to help you in your new role.

Check out the Help for P&Cs section of our website for a range of resources including a comprehensive set of information sheets (being extended and revised throughout term 1), meeting agenda and minute templates, letters and brochures to help you promote your P&C, and much more.

□ If your P&C is a registered charity, complete an Annual Information Statement for the Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commission (ACNC). Do this online. See this FAQ if you are unsure.

Our office is also available for your enquiries should you need any assistance.