Finances, fundraising & grants

We've updated our resources to help you organise your finances, plan fundraisers and apply for grants.


NEW!   P&C Treasurer's Handbook  - a detailed guide for P&C Treasurers including:

  • record keeping
  • operating bank accounts
  • internal controls and good practice
  • reporting to the P&C
  • the end of year audit
  • budgeting
  • grants
  • taxation (including the GST)
  • handling employees.

This resource is new and we would love your This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on it so that we can further improve it!

UPDATED!  General Bookkeeping Spreadsheets (blank) or copy with worked examples. This is a comprehensive excel document containing 8 tabs with interlinked data and instructions, covering:

  • Income and expenses records
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Treasurer reports to P&C
  • Annual Financial Statements for end of year audit and the AGM

Other useful forms and pro-formas for treasurers:

Help with your annual audit - Finding an auditor, preparing for the audit, and alternatives to paying for a auditor!


Fundraising regulations - See our information sheet on licensing requirements for common fundraisers. School-based P&C fundraisers involving food also come under the Education Directorate's Food and Drink Guidelines.

Fundraising ideas and resources - The Fundraising Directory has great resources. You can sign up for free email tips or join a growing Facebook community for ideas and advice.

Fetes and Fairs - See the Fetes and Festivals site. Their Fete in a Box has everything fete organisers could wish for. There is also this template for seeking sponsors. ACTsmart have free signage and bin lids so you can recycle at your events.

Sausage sizzles. The Fundraising Directory have a great Sausage Sizzle Guide. We have also found a healthier sausage so that your BBQ is not automatically a "red" food event (see also the Education Directorate's Food and Drink Guidelines). See also this Food Safety Factsheet for schools.

Schools Plus - fundraising assistance for low-SES schools.


We have a list of grants for which P&Cs can apply as well as hints, tips and examples of successful grant applications.

Council is also a member of the Grants Hub, where you can search thousands of listed grants. Contact the office for login details so your P&C can use this service.