Frequently Asked Questions about Council.

What is Council?

Council (the ACT Council of Parents and Citizens Associations) is the peak body of ACT public school P&C associations (parents and citizens associations). We represent the views and promote the interests of parents from these associations to government. We also help P&C associations to operate effectively.

How is Council formed and operated?

Council is a truly grass-roots organisation and is guided by the consensus of members. Each member P&C elects a delegate or two to Council. Delegates meet at regular meetings to discuss issues of concern and receive information of interest to parents. Once a year the executive members of Council are elected to progress Council business. Council representatives speak on behalf of members (to the media and at regular meetings with government), guided by a formalised set of policies on a huge range of issues. These have been agreed to at Council meetings over the years.

Council employs four part-time staff in the office who work under the direction of the elected executive. Office staff are available to answer enquiries from member P&Cs five days a week (contact details and office hours).

How is Council funded?

Council is gratefully funded by an ACT Government Grant, along with annual membership fees from our member P&Cs.

Is our P&C a member of Council?

Yes. All P&Cs in the ACT are members of Council.

When are our Council membership fees due?

The Council office prepares and sends the annual membership fees invoice in May each year for payment by 30 June.

How much are the fees for our Council membership?

The fee is 90 cents (plus 9 cents GST) for each enrolled student at your school. We use the school census figures from February to determine the numbers. This basic fee has not changed for 9 years, but in 2017 a $25 flat fee was added for Primary and High Schools in order to relieve the burden on College P&Cs struggling to survive.

What do we get from membership?

Membership gives your P&C:

  • Access to Council's support services: 

Comprehensive information and resources to help you run the P&C
Over the phone or email advice on any matters relating to the P&C from our friendly staff
Free training workshops for P&C officers and committee members

  • Access to Council's group insurance scheme which provides insurance for your P&C at much reduced cost.
  • Free publications: Our quarterly magazine "ParentACTion" (delivered to all schools), and our fortnightly ebulletin "Council Communicator" (emailed to P&C office-bearers at each school) are both full of interesting and useful information for parents and P&C office bearers.
  • Representation of P&C and parent concerns to the Minister and Education Directorate, resolution of problems with the school/Directorate and input to educational policy and decisions.
  • On request face-to-face meetings with your P&C to discuss any problems or concerns.
  • Free attendance at P&C Council general meetings with guest speakers on relevant topics of concern to parents.
  • A regular forum to exchange ideas, network with other parents and share expertise or raise concerns with other P&Cs.
  • Free access to the NSWBuy ecatalogue of discounted products and services.

Does Council have a standard P&C constitution and By Laws we could use as our own?

Yes, we have a sample constitution with sample By Laws. Examples of other current P&C constitutions are available on request - contact our office.